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What is Music Production?

Music production is a fairly vague term that is thrown around by musicians and creators under different circumstances.

The vagueness of the term is, in all fairness, legitimate.

A music producer is someone who produces music. The means don't matter. Hence, the free usage of the phrase Music Production.

Music production is an absolutely essential skill required for today's musician.

Gone are the days when we required big fancy studios to sound professional.

Today, all you need, is a good computer, a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) of your choice, a decent pair of headphones, a sound card, a Midi Keyboard and a quiet room. Further additions to this are based upon your requirements.

No, this is not a joke. Most of the money that i have made through music is based upon this simple setup.


So, what is music production?

Music production in its true essence is the bridge that connects the conceptualisation of an idea to a finished product ready for the mixing stage. The person who takes the process further, is called a mix engineer. It very well could be the producer himself, filling in the shoes of a sound engineer.

Ive seen all kinds of people referring to themselves as music producers. DJs, Singers, Guitarists, Mix Engineers and so on. Although most legitimate producers frown upon hearing this, it's not wrong. Anyone, is a music producer, if he/ she can take an idea and build it into a track that sounds polished enough to be considered a track. The aforementioned person's capability as a producer is an entirely different topic. Good or bad, that person is a music producer. Why? Because he Produced Music. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

I became a Music Producer because it enabled me to create uninhibited music. It diminished my reliability upon others by ten folds.

We are living in a magical time where we have been bestowed upon with breathtaking tools to enhance our creativity. There is an app or software for all of your musical requirements.

All that is required from us is our ideas and the will to shape them into something beautiful. The tools are all there.

So, for all those aspiring producers thinking of entering the field of Music Production, there has never been a better time.

If you have any questions regarding anything related to music production, you can let me know anytime.

Stay strong, keep creating.



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